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Day: January 3, 2012

Bombergear K Bomb

Bombergear have had a pretty bad wrap since the problems with the Koldfusion Technology (unfair given the quality and warranty on/of the new kit). However the Bombergear decks have always had a solid construction and reputation. The neoprene used is top notch and all seams have been glued and taped. Areas at risk of significant wear are re-enforced with kevlar!!

I have owned two K Bomb decks over the last couple of years and have only had to change decks when I have changed boats. The deck itself goes on easily even when sat in a swirling eddy with one hand grabbing onto the bank! But at the same time it stays put once in place.

The grab handle is stiffened with a plastic handle and snugly fitting fastex buckle. Both of which allow the deck to be hooked or fastened onto the PFD whilst out of the boat.

PeakUK Gear Bag

Getting a decent sized bag to store all of your wet kit in can be quite a task. Especially if you are working on a budget and yet don’t want to use a polythene bag! One possible option could be the PeakUK gear bag. The bags are made from two pieces of PU coated nylon so the bag is both tough and waterproof. However, the seams are not taped – therefore theoretically leakage is possible, although I have not experienced this problem (UPDATE – The new bags are now fully taped).

A single piece of webbing forms the two grab handles and wraps itself around the bag giving it full support and allows the bag to cope with wet kit without it falling apart. The top of the bag is closed via a simple cord and cord grip system. The bag is large enough to quite happily cope with a full load of winter paddling kit with room to spare. Essentially this is a very simple, functional and effective piece of kit. It does the job well, comes in a variety of funky colours, so what more could you ask. No doubt a worthwhile value for money buy, great for carrying kit and great for storing kit (I own a couple myself). Check out your local PeakUK dealer for current prices and colours.

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