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Day: 7 April 2012

Riot Booster – Review

I tried the Booster 60 over the course of a day on the flat and at a local play spot. Initially I was quite surprised by its overall size. The room offered inside is excellent and with the new 2002 outfitting getting comfortable was not an issue. It comes fitted with a multitude of ratchet adjustable fittings including backrest, thigh-straps and footrest. And thankfully Riot have ditched those awful “strap” adjustable devices seats and opted for a “bolted” in option with comfy foam pad.

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Wavesport Zero Gravity (ZG) – Review

This review is from the perspective of an intermediate paddler and represents the best outline of performance that I can offer based on 2 weeks paddling grade 4 rivers in Austria and 2 weeks play boating and surfing. It also should be remembered that I personally, love this boat.

Wavesport Zero Gravity (ZG) - Review
Wavesport Zero Gravity (ZG) – Review


This boat spins! It’s really loose but forgiving enough to make spinning easy even in bouncy holes. On a wave, it’s fast and carves well, though it doesn’t feel as positive as the Riot boats. However, it’s much easier to correct and quicker to respond to changes in edge. It’s real attribute though for those that know what they’re doing, has to be the bounce. I have no ability in terms of aerial moves, but know a few people who have been in my boat that know what they’re doing. Smiles all round seem to be the response. Apparently it’s got loads of spring for loops etc.

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Riot Turbo – Review

An intermediates perspective.

Having previous paddled the Booster 55 and a brief spell in the Air 55, I was looking for a boat with the best attributes of both: speed, looseness and great carving but with good tracking ability and positive handling. Over the last 6 weeks, I haven’t been disappointed in the Turbo 52.

Riot Turbo - Review
Riot Turbo – Review
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Cauldron Snout – The Stout of the Snout

The Stout of the Snout

Sam Ellis styles it down Cauldrons Snout. A class V+ stretch of whitewater on the River Tees (UK).

Sam Ellis running the Cauldron Snout on the River Tees. You can count on one hand how many times this section has been successfully run. But this is the first time it has been ran with a substantial amount of water. The river was at approximately 0.7 on the nearest river level gauge.

Cauldron Snout is 180m long and is recognised as Englands longest waterfall which looses 61m giving it a gradient of 34 percent. Sit back watch and enjoy!

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