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Day: 7 May 2012

Old School Series – Bombergear “The Bomb” Drytop

Their chat: “This jacket is a necessity for the serious whitewater enthusiast. It is ergonomically designed and form fitted to perfection, and has a cut that maximizes mobility and reduces the amount of seams in construction. The Bomb incorporates both the Volcanic Gasket Protector System ™ and Vault Water Lock Waist Band™ to maximize comfort and minimize bulk. This year the front pocket includes an improved Dry Pocket™ that is removable and works much like a zip-lock sandwich bag. The base front pocket has been increased in size and provides a secure area for one’s belongings.”

The first thing that struck me when I first tried it on was how different it felt to other cags. Usually to give first-rate protection from the elements, the material used weighs about the same as a suit of armour, and is just as flexible. This thing was super light. The cut was well fitting and ergonomic, and didn’t ride up much at all when I swung around my arms like some tops do. To be honest, I didn’t know if the material was heavy enough, but my doubts were soon put aside when I tried it out. It handled admirably. Continue reading

Hawaii Sur Rhone

Why this wave has been kept quiet for so long I do not know. Only in the last few months have artciles on the web and in magazines started to appear in any real detail. Kayak Session in particular have provided excellent coverage of the wave that lies near their home town of Lyon, France.

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Old School Series – Eskimo Xeno

I have been considering a Xeno as my next river runner and is competing with the Pyranha I3 and Necky Mission for a space in my boat collection for the next year.

I caught a glimpse of a Xeno around two months ago and it has taken some time to track one down so I could give it a go.

As with the Nano and other Eskimo boats the outfitting isn’t radical and is even reminiscent of some of the boats I used to paddle years back. For me this isn’t an issue. Outfitting can easily be adapted, hull performance etc cannot. Many paddlers forget this! Foot room is quite low for my size 10’s but its not uncomfortable.

The Xeno has taken the Nano to the next level. Loose, fast etc… It has better volume distribution, seat padding and the newer versions have moulded in graphics. Because of the better volume distribution, it has no problem with staying horizontal in a hole.

The Xeno handles well in a range of environments, and because of its softer chines, it is less likely to catch you unaware and power flip.

After trying out the Xeno, its going to be hard decide which river runner to go for as the design meets my criteria well. We’ll wait and see.

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