So Friday afternoon came and it was time for my latest adventure to Scotland. I met up with Phil at Newcastle and we then piled into the back of Francis’ van along with Lee and Rory. This was the weekend of the Morriston river race and it would prove to be a good one!

Having never even seen the Morriston before apart from in some dubious looking wet west videos I was slightly unsure as to what to expect. Was this going to be some big scary river ready to dish out punishments to anyone who wasn’t ready or were we all in for an easy ride. As it turns out it was a great river for this race although unknown to me as we sat in the back of the van discussing various lines and tactics this river was also ready to hand out some punishments only 2 days from now.

I woke up Saturday morning after a very cold sleep, I didn’t realise it could get so cold in May! This was Scotland though I guess and in true fashion the sky was cloudy, the ground was damp and the rivers were empty. This left us with a few unexciting options but in the end I found myself sat in my kayak at the top of the end of the world rapid on the Leven. At these low levels it was more of a butlins water park than a gnarly grade 5 but the sun had come out and we were keen to do some boating so we scraped onwards and in the end it turned out to be an enjoyable paddle.

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