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Day: 4 April 2013

Paddle Plugs – I’m Plugged Are You?

Today I had impressions of my ears taken for a set of Paddleplugs. Paddleplugs are ear plugs that are custom made based upon the shape of your ear and ear canal.


The process is fairly quick and painless. My set of plugs will be made up over the next few days.

H & F’s Chile Adventure – Part Three: Nilahue to the Departure Lounge

H & F’s Chile Adventure – Part Three: Nilahue to the Departure Lounge from Finn Burrows on Vimeo.

Liquid Logic Ronin 59

The Liquid Logic Vision 56 has to be one of my favourite kayaks. The next boat to find a home with me was the Liquid Logic Ronin 59. How would it compare?

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Kayak Footrests

Footrests play an important part in the outfitting of your kayak. They help keep you locked in place and also provide a level of impact protection. It’s therefore important to know about the key types of footrest systems.


Foam is probably the most common form of footrest system for smaller boats. Foam is shaped to fill the void within the kayak and form a stable platform for your feet.

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How to Replace a Neck Gasket

Old School Series – Riot Dominatrix

The Dominatrix is Riot’s scaled down Trickster. The Dominatrix is both shorter and has less volume than its larger sibling. This puts the Dominatrix somewhere between the Riot Disco and Trickster.

The Dominatrix is available in three sizes 41, 44, and 47.

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