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Day: 10 April 2013

R3 Rescue for River Runners

This is such an awesome resource. Well filmed and well implemented. To date 9 videos are available on Vimeo and Youtube.

R3 Rescue for River Runners: Episode 1 – Getting Started from Five2Nine on Vimeo.

R3 Rescue for River Runners: Episode 2 – Group Dynamics from Five2Nine on Vimeo.

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Eyewear Solutions For Kayaking & Paddling

For people who regularly paddler in rough surf, river and whitewater environments, equipment is always a subject of concern. From dry suits to helmets, PFDs to paddles, and even boats, kayakers and paddlers have a number of gear and equipment factors to consider in preparing for their activities. And, appropriately enough, there are a number of sources for information about the types and how to purchase this gear. However, there is another sort of equipment that is of concern to some paddlers that often receives little or no attention and that is eyewear.

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MYOG – Split Paddles Part III

Part I can be found here.
Part II can be found here.

Part III

Setting the correct feather of your paddle is critical. In the past I have always used an existing paddle and lined the new one up by eye. This can be hit or miss.

In order to set the feather correctly on this paddle I have decided to deploy a little bit of maths.

I want my paddles set at 35 degrees and I know that the diameter of my paddle shaft is 30mm. Using this I can calculate the length of the arc (this will make sense later on). I can rotate the two paddle shafts to match this distance and therefore set the feather angle. Continue reading

MYOG – Split Paddles Part II

If you haven’t read MYOG – Split Paddles Part I then you can find it here.

Part II

The 27mm spigot arrived and I offered it to the paddle shaft and found it was a touch too big – less than 1mm at the most. Therefore half of the spigot that was to be fixed into the paddle shaft was sanded down with some aluminium oxide paper until I had a good tight fit. It’s important to try and sand evenly at all points around and along the spigot to prevent slop in the system later on.

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GoPro Hero 3 – Black Edition

The following images were taken yesterday with a GoPro Hero 3 – Black edition. Micro SD card is a 64GB Sandisk. Image quality set at 12MP and spot metering was switched on. Images taken every second! Continue reading

NRS – Gasket Repair Video

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