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Day: April 15, 2013

Wavesport Recon 70

Over the last couple of months I have had lots on enquiries from smaller (than me) paddlers asking about the Wavesport 70. There is no way I could possibly shoe horn myself into a 70 and give any kind of sensible verdict. I put a few feelers out and Elaine Campbell answered the call and has compiled the following. Many Thanks.

I’ve been paddling the Wave Sport Recon 70 since September and couldn’t be happier with it’s performance. Prior to that I paddled the Diesel 70 as my creek boat for about 3 years, the Habitat for one year, and Huck for 2 years.


Yes, I do paddle for Wave Sport and of course I want you to purchase a Wave Sport boat but I also want you to buy a boat that you are going to be comfortable in. I’m just letting you know my opinion of the Wave Sport Recon 70. The best advice I have for you is to go to your local dealer or try a friends Recon or look me up and we can meet up and you can try mine. I have a Recon 70 and a Recon 83 that I’d be more than happy for you try and then you tell me how you like it. I’ll bet you will be super impressed with this boat and will more than likely go buy one. Believe me if I didn’t feel comfortable in this boat I’d still use my Diesel 70 as my creek boat but guess what I’m not! Continue reading

Jackson Star

Jackson’s Star is designed for the smaller paddler and part of the Jackson All Star Series of kayaks.


From Jackson:

Our most popular playboat of all time still available to everyone!- Those who want to make their playboating game bigger, better, faster, and easier have been flocking to our highest performing and easiest paddling All-Star yet. Continue reading

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