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Day: 7 June 2013

The Big Palm Paddle – Teesside

Unsponsored will be at the Big Palm Paddle on the 23rd of June 2013.


2013 Lyons Outdoor Games

Jake Deakin: Conquering The Nile at 17

Uganda is somewhere I wanted to go as soon as I got into playboating but thought I would never have to skills to do so. I would watch videos and see pictures of these professional kayakers styling it and thinking “if only I was good enough to paddle that sort of water”.


It just goes to show if you want something enough and keep at it you will get there.

In summer 2012 me and my friend Jacob would talk about future trips on our to do list. Uganda came into the question, we did a bit of research on how easy it would be to organise a trip there in the winter. It all looked pretty simple considering this is Africa, but that’s often the view of an optimistic 17 year old. Continue reading

2013 GoPro Mountain Games Steep Creek Championships

Almost as good as the MRR.

Jackson Kayak- Clay Wright 2013 Karma

DEVIL’SLIDE Extreme Kayak

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