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Day: 17 June 2013

Jackson’s Kayak’s New Rockstar at GoPro Mountain Games

Rapid Block Dev Day June 2013 – Tees Barrage

Today was the first development day for modification to the feature named “Happy Eater” at the Tees Barrage International White Water course. The course uses the Rapid Block system as used in the London Olympics. The blocks are bolted to the floor of the course and can be configured to create a range of features.

unsponsored_rapid_blocks 7

Before the multi million pound upgrade to the course “Happy Eater” was a breaking wave/relatively gentle stopper that was superb for flat spins and blunts. Since re-opening many paddlers have expressed that they wanted something like the old “Happy Eater” back. Thankfully support from the management team at the barrage has resulted in a a new Facebook group being created and a chance for paddlers to design the layout of the course. Continue reading

Norway II – Day 3 and 4

Day 3 – Because we are all Brown stouting athletes we started today by racing each other down the Strondal. It was tense but Phil Mitchel eventually won. We then spent a couple of hours driving around arguing about what run to get on eventually ending up on the Ruandal rafting section and play section where we met some Voss locals who turned out to be real brown stouting athletes. Afterwards Rainey did painful things with a wasabi pea and then we ate chicken fajitas which was a nice improvement on the smart price meatballs.

IMG_2981 Continue reading

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