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Day: 15 September 2013

GoPro Wifi Password Help & Current Setup

As standard the wifi password for the app is “goprohero” all lower case with no spaces. However a number of folk have had issues with this.

GoPro Wifi Password Help

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A Wet State #78: Washington and BC (Part 1)

Part one from our trip through Washington and BC. Featured are Washington’s White Salmon River (Green Truss) and Cispus River (Upper Upper).

A Wet State #78: Washington and BC (Part 1) from Daniel Brasuell on Vimeo.

River Tees – Teesside WW Course (Pre Changes)

Found this is the archives and thought it may be of interest to some.

Inlet gate – Easy Rider


A smooth surfaced green wave that can be very easy or very hard to catch depending on the rate of flow down the course. Given the correct kayak and skill you can surf all day forward/backwards, flat spin and on a good day side surf. If you do miss getting on to Easy Rider you could always pretend you were aiming for one of the smaller waves on the following wave train. It must be noted that if you know you won’t be able to catch the wave that a wave wheel is possible, but it is shallow! Continue reading

Alpine Kayaking Part 3 of 6 – The Upper Guil

Alpine Kayaking Part 3 of 6 -The Upper Guil from robert kierans on Vimeo.

Alpkit Manta Headtorch – First Look

I’m a big fan of Alpkit and the kit they produce. Who knows how many Alpkit stuff sacks and dry bags I own! However they do produce so much more. The boys and girls and Alpkit have kindly sent a Manta headtorch over for me to check out.

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The timing on this is excellent as it arrived (lovingly packaged) just in time for an overnight backpacking trip. So here is a quick look at the Manta (a full review to follow).

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