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Day: 28 September 2013

Slaying Stouts In Narrrway

Slaying Stouts In Narrrway from Martyn Butler on Vimeo.

3 and a half minutes of kayak porn from our trip to Norway this summer. Maybe not as good as the Swale or the Tees but it still be worth a watch….

Kayakers: Phil ‘Olly Murs’ Mitchel, Sandra ‘Wet For Zet’ Hislop, Tom ‘Sargent Slaughter’ Rainey, Barney ‘Mr Chow’ Prees and Martyn ‘Neil’ Butler

Edit: Martyn Butler

Music: Fume – Holdin’ on

Sweet Intergalactic Dry Suit – First Look

Earlier this week a box arrived from Norway containing a very new, hot off the press dry suit – The Sweet Protection Intergalactic Drysuit.

Unsponsored-sweet-intergalactic (19)

This is of course the highly anticipated Intergalactic Drysuit. Very few details of this actually exist and the number of images are very limited. In fact most have already been on Unsponsored. However I’m now in a very fortunate position of being able to check out the Intergalactic up close and get to give it a go on the water.

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First Time In The New Pyranha Burn

First Time in the New Pyranha Burn from Liam Chambers on Vimeo.

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