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Brunton All Day

Brunton are probably best known for their innovative battery charging technology but have now brought out some GoPro related kit. Brunton have brought out the All Day for GoPro Hero 3/3+ use. It fits the Hero 3 housing and replaces the full back door.


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Sweet Strutter 2014 – New Colours Available Shortly

A couple of new colours for the superb Sweet Strutter 2014 helmet.

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Demshitz – NFBW 2011

Demshitz – NFBW 2011 from jared seiler on Vimeo.

Quick edit from a trip down the North Fork of the Blackwater back in 11

A Humla Journey

A Humla Journey from Jake Holland on Vimeo.

In the fall of 2013 Pat, Tom and Jake set out on a trip into Nepal’s most remote region. The Humla. 10 days later and 7kg lighter, they had paddled one of the worlds best multi day rivers.

Come on a journey through a place that time has forgotten and where adventure is around every corner.

Teaser – Chasing Dreams: A Southern Summer In Chile

Teaser – Chasing Dreams: A Southern Summer in Chile from Colin Hunt on Vimeo.

Each winter, kayakers from around the world leave the cold of the northern hemisphere for the crystal clear rivers of Chile. With amazing rivers and waterfalls running from the Andes to the Pacific, the summer in Chile is paradise for kayakers. Follow along as Clay Lucas, Russell Davies, Kris Belozer, Thomas Voessing, JP Griffith, Glenn Dalgleish, and Colin Hunt travel around Chile chasing the dream of running the worlds best whitewater.

Dipper Creek (Quick Flick #2)

Dipper Creek (Quick Flick #2) from Mountain Mind Collective on Vimeo.

As the leaves begin to yellow and fall sets in, the rivers begin to dry here in the northwest. As our thoughts begin to travel around the world thinking of warm paddling destinations we wait for one gem in British Columbia to drop to the perfect level- Dipper Creek. A magnificent crack in the Earth located in the Squamish valley, Dipper Creek is stacked with two days of incredible whitewater, waterfalls and tight canyon walls that loom hundreds of feet above the water.

Best GoPro Battery Options

The GoPro Hero 3 and newer 3 Plus both use the same size batteries and are therefore fully compatible. The older battery is a 3.7V 1050mAh battery and the newer version has slightly more capacity at 3.7V 1180mAh. This ultimately gets more filming time.

Best GoPro Battery Options

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Daniel Rondón GoPro Reel 2013

Daniel Rondón Go pro reel 2013 from Daniel Rondon on Vimeo.

Daniel Rondón GoPro Reel 2013 – This video is about Gopro, kayaking and fun!


Dragorossi 88 – Review

The Dragorossi 88 is the newest creek boat from the Italian kayak company. On first seeing the 88 I was quite impressed with its overall looks – it simply looks right! So I was very excited to get the boat on onto a number of local grade IV rivers.


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The Gringos

The Gringos from Quebec Connection on Vimeo.

The area of Tlapacoyan is getting more popular year after year. Wtih beautiful waterfalls, deep canyons and warm weather, this area provides the perfect playground for class V paddlers. Follow the boys during their 3 weeks trips into the amazing jungles of Veracruz.

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Ben Marr & Friends Tour Feb/March 2014


Ben Marr – ‘Benny’, is an extreme kayaker, from Ontario, Canada He is 28 years young and was the first person to descend the Stikine river without portaging, conquering the infamous Site Zed, Grand Canyon of the Stikine in August 2012

Benny was part of a quad team kayaking the Inga rapids on the Congo in October 2011. Led by Steve Fisher with Tyler Bradt, Rush Sturges and Benny they ran the last un-navigated section of the Congo with its colossal whirlpools and behemoth holes.


So, Benny can run the rivers. Can he freestyle? Well, have a look at OF SOULS + Water: THE SHAPESHIFTER and make your own mind up,

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Palm FXr PFD – Out Now

How do you improve one of the best selling PFDs on the market? How about adding a chest harness and additional knife storage.

The Palm FXr is now out and is available in stores around the UK. There is also a FXr on its way to Unsponsored HQ for testing.


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