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Day: 3 December 2014

La Garganta Del Diablo

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The Rio Claro, Close to the town of Talca in the center of Chile is the definition of Paradise. Perfect waterfalls inside a stunningly deep and beautiful gorge, Period. This is the crux drop on the ‘Caracol’ Section commonly known as the ‘Devils Throat’ or the ‘Twirly Bird’. We were lucky enough to get on this section mid October this year with a good water level. Continue reading

Played By The Game

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There is something very special about a collection of clips that all contain carnage. You may cringe but you can’t help but watch. Continue reading

HB Canoes & Kayaks


Who are HB Canoes & Kayaks? Tell us a little about the company and its history.

HB Canoes and Kayaks is Herefordshire and Borders Canoes and kayaks, a long name which does not fit in forms on on cheques very often but was used because it described the area we aimed to serve.

The company owned by Philippa and Paul Hale started out in 2004 (TEN years ago!) and was basically a farm diversification that spawned from Philippas family connections in the marine, boating and paddlesport sectors. At the time they knew they wanted to do something different utilising the farm space they had, and that was when the seed of a canoe and kayak shop was planted. It was discussed that there was nobody in this area, servicing the paddlers of the Wye Valley and Welsh Border. After a lot of research it was decided that it was a great idea.

hb3 Continue reading

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