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Day: April 13, 2015

Chile 2015

A great edit from Sebastian Hennig. I believe Rory Woods and Lee Royle were also on this epic trip.

Chile 2015

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Longboats For Life – Local Length

Unsponsored’s little brother River has been very quiet of late. It turns out he has been working on a little winter edit focussing on his love of his Liquidlogic Stinger kayak. In Longboats For Life – Local Length, River takes us on a journey through the joy of owning and paddling a big boat, they aren’t just for flat water touring you know!

Longboats for life

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New Garmin Virb Action Cameras

Garmin have announced the release of a new range of Virb cameras for 2015 – The Virb X and top of the line Virb XE. The form factor is much smaller than the previous Virb editions and is more in keeping with the GoPro design. It also looks like the cameras can be mounted to GoPro QR mounts which ones up a whole load of possibilities.

Garmin Virb X

Following edit is filmed using the Virb XE.

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Dagger Contour Outfitting – Seat

Over the course of the last few weeks I have welded up a Dagger Mamba (twice – two different splits). The last split was located in the centre of the kayak right underneath the seat.

To get a good weld both inside and out I removed the seat. Given the size of the unit I thought that it would be a fairly difficult exercise but it turned out to be very easy.

Dagger Contour Outfitting - Seat
Dagger Contour Outfitting

The back band was removed so that access was a little easier, then all bolts were removed. Four were located on the seat posts and the fifth on the central pillar/storage area. The seat was then lifted and twisted straight out.

I took a few images of the Dagger Contour outfitting along the way and thought a close up of the seat out of the boat may be of interest to some. So here they are!

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El Putumayo – Bienvenidos

El Putumayo - Bienvenidos

The Putumayo region, in southern Colombia, is full of rivers. This April 2015, we finally made a trip there. For the first pass, we decided to settle base in the town of Mocoa, strategically located near easy access rivers.

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