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Day: 23 May 2015

Watauga River Kayaking

Watauga River Kayaking

Here is an afternoon lap down the backyard run, Watauga is pretty fun.

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Big Pond Kayaks

Big Pond Sea Kayaks are a new kayak manufacturing company based in the Isle of Man.


Big Pond Kayaks is owned and run by Stephen Marsh.

I haven’t paddled any of Stephen’s designs as yet but they do look pretty good. Well worth finding out more.

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Chaos Theory – Cause And Effect

Another great edit from Mike McKay, Chaos Theory – Cause And Effect.

Cause And Effect

Chaos is a friend of mine.

For those who embrace chaos and zen whitewater can provide pure joy on many levels. Take a ride through the Payette River and the mind of a paddler who fully embraces it.

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