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Day: 15 June 2015

GoPro Lens Caps

Replacement parts are available for all of the GoPro range but I prefer to try and prevent any damage particularly when the camera and case are in my bag. One of easiest parts to damage is the lens of both the camera itself and the lens area on waterproof case. Damage to either of these will ruin footage.


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What’s On The End Of The Stick, Vic?

A couple of weeks ago I got in touch with Stu Morris from Vertical Element (VE) paddles as I wanted some custom carbon work done for an upcoming project.

unsponsored-Ve-Pole1 (1)
I have been using a set of VE paddles for years and love the design, feel and robustness of the setup. So Stu seemed to be the ideal man to contact. After a few emails and quick telephone conversation Stu confirmed that he was able to come up with a solution pretty quickly.

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