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Day: August 5, 2015

Midge Bite Relief

Many years ago if I received a midge bite it wouldn’t even register. Now when I get bitten I react pretty badly with lots of swelling and inevitability a great deal of itching.

I’ve spent the last few days up on the North West of Scotland and the midge have been out in force. They must follow Unsponsored as they were there waiting for me. Despite whatever potion or poison used to try and prevent the little beasties attacking I have been bitten.

Midge Bite Relief

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OC1 Scotland – Creeking

Canoeing doesn’t mean beards and long flat water journeys, it is so much more. Many thanks to Matthew Pritchard for sharing this great OC1 edit from Scotland last year which just shows what it can be about.

OC1 Scotland - Creeking

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