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Unsponsored Q&A Series – Sal Montgomery

Sal Montgomery is a UK paddler who is pushing herself on whitewater across the globe. From big water to freestyle competitions Sal has done it all and is still charging hard. Despite being deep in Norway’s summer whitewater Sal agreed to take part in the Unsponsored Q&A series.


Tell us a little a bit about you accomplishments in the canoeing/kayaking world.

I started out mainly in freestyle and was on the GB team for a couple of years. I then got more in to river running and have since paddled in many countries around the world along the way I have entered a few competitions here and there, my best being first in the Himalayan Whitewater Championships. I’m keen to do more adventures and expedition style paddling in the future.

Photo: Jake Holland

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Dane Jackson – Freestyling Garburator Wave

Dane Jackson is simply a superb paddler and this great edit by Nomade Media House really highlights the fact.

Dane Jackson - Freestyling Garburator Wave

Take a minute or two to watch the best kayaker in the history of white water kayaking throw some big air on the Ottawa River! Dane Jackson never fails to impress with his smooth and snappy style! This short film is made for the pure enjoyment of the kayaking world and the appreciation of all paddlers who get out and enjoy nature and its waterways!

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Soul Waterman – Dos Amigos

The Dos Amigos is the latest design from Corran Addison through his new company Soul Waterman.

Soul - Dos Amigos

The Dos Amigos is a Duo whitewater kayak and joins the Eskimo Topo Duo and Jackson Kayak Dynamic Duo in a very special place in the kayak market. We are certainly looking forward to seeing this one in the flesh.

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Ace Of Spades – Review

We are fortunate at Unsponsored to try some of the best kayaking and canoeing equipment available, but sometimes the weather can be too dry. Thankfully the Gods of rain smiled on the UK once again this summer, so testing and reviews have continued at a pace. The following review looks at the Ace of Spades kayak from Spade Kayaks. The boat has been tested over the last few months across the UK on various pieces of water from stone filled ditches, low volume/high volume burns in Scotland, some of the best whitewater in the glorious county of Yorkshire, whitewater parks and even out at sea.

Spade kayaks is a new kayak company formed in Europe by whitewater legends Hans Mayer, Oli Grau, Matze Brutzman, Jens Klatt, and Jan Haluszka.

The Ace of Spades is a blown molded displacement hull kayak. It has the features that you would expect to see in any whitewater boat – adjustable outfitting, full plate footrest, multiple grab handles, drain bung etc… but many have been executed in a creative/different way.

unsponsored_ace_of_spades_scotland 003

The Ace is designed as a river runner/creeker and is available in just the one size.

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Movie Monday 24 August 2015

Helping to get the new working week off to a flying start here is a selection of ‘edits’ carefully chosen for your consideration by the Unsponsored team.

Movie Monday - August 24 2015

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Valldal Road Trip Norway 2015

Valldal Road Trip Norway 2015

A week with Gene 17 on the Valldal Road Trip.

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Zet Toro – Released

Zet have finally released the new Zet Toro.

Zet Toro - Released

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Jackson Kayak – Karma Traverse

Jackson Kayak - Karma Traverse

James McBeath walks us through the new whitewater/touring kayak known as the Traverse. The Traverse incorporates a great deal of the features seen within the Jackson whitewater range.

Jackson Kayak - Karma Traverse

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Soul Waterman – Kayaks

Corran Addison’s new venture Soul is well underway with a number of new boat designs in the making. The first two are the Rookie and Supersick.

Soul - Kayaks

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Movie Monday – August 17 2015

Helping to get the new working week off to a flying start here is a selection of ‘edits’ carefully chosen for your consideration by the Unsponsored team.

Movie Monday - July 17 2015

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India 2015 Master – Malabar Festival

A few familiar faces in this edit from Kiwi creations. How many of the paddlers can you identify?

India 2015 Master - Malabar Festival

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Otters And Incas – A Peruvian White Water Adventure

Otters And Incas - A Peruvian White Water Adventure

A month paddling the classics in Southern Peru.

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