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Day: 28 September 2015

NRS 2016 – Part 1

NRS were well represented at Paddle Expo with a fairly sizeable stand. If you aren’t familiar with NRS stand by. They produce pretty much everything for paddle sports and now have a base in Europe. This will mean that we will be seeing a great deal more of their gear in the UK and across the rest of Europe.

Crush Watershoe:

We have had pair of the original Crush shoes here at Unsponsored HQ for quite some time and they are holding up well. For 2016 NRS has beefed up the cushioning within the insole, have toughened up the fabric around the toe/sides and have improved the traction offered by the rubber.

unsponsored-NRS- 278

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Peak UK Events

Many years ago Peak UK ran a series of events across the UK. All were based at whitewater courses across the UK.

It was so long ago many of the photographs were on film and are black & white! For many paddlers this was their first taste of competition. Quite a few have continued on to be part of Team GB.

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Palm Straps – 2016

I am a big fan of the colour coded straps from Palm Equipment. Palm have upgraded the system for 2016 by incorporating a rubber cover onto the metal buckle.

Palm Straps 2016

The three colour codes still remain:

Red = 3.5m
Blue = 4.5m
Yellow = 5.5m

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Movie Monday September 28 2015

Monday again. We hope your weekend was productive and enjoyable. An abrupt change from weekend to the working week is quite dangerous. Therefore for you own safety and sanity you may wish to view the following carefully selected edits.

Box Canyon Beatering

Box Canyon Beatering from Fall Line Canoes on Vimeo.

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