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Day: 31 May 2017

Palm Equipment Poncho Grande – First Look

The Palm Equipment Poncho Grande is designed to make getting changed at the beginning or end of a paddle session a little more comfortable for innocent bystanders. As well as being more comfortable for the user who is getting changed. No more slipping towels or bare backsides.

Palm Equipment Poncho Grande

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Spyderco Spydersaw – First Look

We’ve had this Spyderco Spydersaw in for a while at Unsponsored HQ. We love sharp things at Unsponsored HQ and sharp things arriving from the guys at Spyderco are always very welcome. We’ve been using various Spyderco knives both on and off the water for years and have found them to be top performers.

Spyderco Spydersaw

However this new arrival is a departure from the norm. It’s not a knife that has multiple uses, quite simply put it’s a monster of a saw with the prime purpose of cutting through tough material really quickly. Think boats, trees/branches etc.

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Legend Of The Falls

Legend of the Falls is a Corran Addisons’ video which aims to be “the definitive manual for anyone interested in either learning the basics of river running, or improving their creek boat skills”.

Legend Of The Falls

Legend of the falls proved to be a sound investment. The video is split into a number of chapters, they are; River Communication with Arnd Schaeftlein, River Grading, Safety, Equipment, Understanding Rapids, Running technique – boofing etc and a section titled Dr Throwline.

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