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Day: 11 October 2017

Exo T-Rex – Review

The T-rex is the new creek boat from Italian boat manufacturer Exo kayaks. My first impression of the was that it is pretty big and has a lot of rocker. Definitely a little larger volume wise than the last two boats I owned (Toro and a Tuna). It is also a little rounder than a lot of modern designs, not fully a displacement hull but without any extremely sharp edges.

Exo T-Rex

Numbers wise it is 270cm long and 345 litres so a little shorter than a 9r or Toro with a little more volume than both. Weight wise it is surprisingly light for such a big boat coming in at pretty much bang on 21kgs. Myself I am 188cm and around 75kgs. Defiantly towards the lower end of the weight limit but didn’t feel swamped at all.

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Some Lessons Learned From A Swim

There’s something incredibly humbling about having a bad swim. Yes there’s the realizing the river’s the boss, however much control you think you are in – but more in recognizing the support from those paddlers around you – some of whom you may not have even met before.

This Saturday I took a dip on the Spillimacheen River in BC. It happens – I was due one, it’s been a couple of years. But this one was different. I’ve had other bad swims over the years, but with those, although I’ve had other paddlers around, I’ve played a part in my rescue. With this one, apart from the single act of keeping concious/breathing there was very little I could do.

Some Lessons Learned From A Swim

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