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What Has Chris Got In His PFD?

What has Chris got in his PFD?

What Has Chris Got In His PFD?
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Boat History – Update

Having had a bit of kayak geekness with Darren Clarkson-King on Facebook I was pondering over the boats that I have owned since I started paddling at the age of 11. Boat History – Update.

From 1985+:

Fibreglass Gen Purpose – Unknown make/model
Ace Swing
Prijon T Canyon
Eskimo Gambler
Pyranha Microbat 230
Prijon Avenger
Dagger Vertigo
Riot Glide (surf seat)
Necky Gliss
Riot Disco (surf seat)
Prijon Delirious
Prijon Delirium
Prijon Release
Liquid Logic Vision 56
Pyranha 4Twenty
Liquid Logic Ronin 59
Madriver Legend 15
Liquid Logic Biscuit 65
Wavesport Recon 93
Riot Glide (surf seat)
Pyranha Jed
Eskimo Topo Duo
Liquid Logic Stomper
Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel

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Bren’s Park Jam – Tees Barrage

Bren made it up to the North East and the Tees Barrage.  Here’s his thoughts – The thing I loved most about this stop of the park jam is how unfathomably keen everyone was to hurl themselves in at the deep end on the short course, the enthusiasm and commitment to just give it a go was simply stunning.

I had a brilliant night being a part of that and I am stoked to come back again and kayak with everybody!

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Movie Monday 12 November 2018

Welcome to Movie Monday 12 November 2018 at Unsponsored HQ.

Movie Monday 11 November 2018


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Swimming In Moving Water With Chris Brain

If you spend time on or around water at some point you will take a swim.  Check out this great edit form Chris Brain and the guys from Palm Equipment on how to do it right.

Now this doesn’t mean that Chris swims a lot, simply that Chris knows the right way to do it.

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Tyne Tour 2018 – Part III

Last weekend I sat just above Rescue Rock river left  to capture some images from the Tyne Tour 2018. 

Tyne Tour 2018

This is Part III showing just some of the shots taken last week.

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Social Media Saturday 10 November 2018

Hey! It’s Social Media Saturday 10 November 2018 at Unsponsored HQ. Check out what we’ve found and liked on Instagram this week.

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To Throw Or Not To Throw?

Let’s talk safety – To throw or not to throw? 

Nouria Newman posted this question on FB a few days ago.

When someone gets stuck in a hole it’s always a tough call. Do you throw them a line or not?

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When It All Goes Wrong – Update

As well as making sure I have all the necessary safety kit (PFD, helmet, throw line, whistle, pin kit) I like to have a range of kit with me that can be used in emergency situations. If a trip were to turn into an epic it is possible that someone may have been injured and/or we could be stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

Therefore my kit centres around three key elements/purposes:

I like to carry a range of kit that will help keep me and/or my paddling buddies warm and offer a little shelter.

If someone gets injured I’d like to go someway to help patch him or her up.

I’d like to ensure that morale stays high.

I have to weigh all of these needs against what is practically possible and the weight I can actually carry in my boat or on my person. My PFD will only hold so much. Regardless this kit needs to be carried in my boat or on my person and needs to be kept dry. I am currently using an Exped Cloudburst dry sack for the bulk of the emergency kit that I carry. It has held up well over the years and has handled being pulled in and out of various boats hundreds/thousands of times. The Cloudburst is based around a traditional roll top dry bag but it has straps so that it can be used as a rucksack. It has a volume of 15 litres which means it is big enough to hold the essentials but will still fit in the back of my kayak.

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Bren’s Park Jam So Far

Bren’s tour of UK paddling spots is well underway.  

Check out what has been going on.

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Palm Accessories At PADDLEexpo 2018

Palm have a range of new gear for 2019.  

Check them out. 

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Movie Monday 5 November 2018

Welcome to Movie Monday 5 November 2018. The clocks have went back, it’s just dark most of the time except when you are at work. Where did the weekend go?

Movie Monday 5 November 2018

Hopefully these edits will help you get through the start of the working week.


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