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Day: 17 October 2019

Jackson Kayak Z3

We are getting close to the full release of the new Jackson Kayak Z3.

What do you think about this updated Zen?

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Wavesport Recon – Review

Darren Clarkson-King gives us a run down of why he is back in the Recon. Having owned and paddled one for a number of years I know exactly where he is coming from.

Wavesport Recon - Review
Wavesport Recon – Review

Ok so before I start let’s make one thing clear, I do paddle for wavesport. I’ve paddled many other designs over my 30+ years of making splashes and running rivers. Some boats I have loved, some I have hated. I’ve been assisted by brands, and I’ve been an ardent denier that sponsorship as a good thing. I’m lucky I paddle boats I like, boats I would use and have used outside of any financial gain.

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