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Day: 22 February 2020

HF Weasel Throwline – New Colour

The HF Weasel is HF’s smallest and most compact throw bag with a decent length of line. If space within your boat is at a premium then this bag may be the one for you. The Weasel fits even in the smallest kayak or can be fixed and carried on a waist belt (HF Swifty Belt).

HF Weasel Throwline - New Colour
HF Weasel Throwline – New Colour

If a throw bag is needed in a emergency you probably won’t have any time for a second go! Therefore the most important factors when using a throwbag is how well it throws, and how easy it is to get the bag to land on target. In both cases the HF Weasel fits the bill. I found the bag easy to throw both under and over arm. The rope pays out nicely during a throw and is also easy to repack if you do need (or have time) to have a second go.

The Weasel has been available for a number of years in both red and black. For 2020 we have a new colour option.

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Social Media Saturday 22 February 2020

Welcome to Social Media Saturday 22 February 2020 at Unsponsored.


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