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Expedition Inception – Ep 4

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After spending an extended time in South Africa kayaking the goods, team Expedition Inception explored the rivers of Zimbabwe. With a lack of rain EI had to leave Zimbabwe and made it to the Zambezi just in time for the last day of number 11’s world class barreling wave, along with some big ass rapids. Continue reading Expedition Inception – Ep 4


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Some fun footage of FeatherWeight boats and crew ripping. The Feather – we designed this boat to carve hard, go big and be the most fun you have ever had in a kayak I talked with some of the best boaters in the world to find out what people wanted in a new boat. The Step Chine is a new advancement in kayak tech, borrowing from powerboat designs giving a raised rail that only engages when needed. Its a loose comfortable fit for me at 6′ size 11 with thick booties on. These boats last for years being almost infinitely repairable, making them cheaper and greener long term than plastic. That and ten times more fun, carbon boats aren’t just for pros. Continue reading Featherweight

Palm Equipment Horizon Shorts (2015) – First Look

The new 2015 Palm Equipment Horizon shorts have just landed at Unsponsored HQ. I have a bit of time to look at them and am waiting on the warmer weather to arrived to try them out on the river. In the meantime here’s a quick run down.


The outer short is contrasted from Nylon 200d, this is very similar to the fabrics used in dry trousers and dry tops. As they are shorts none of the seams are sealed. Continue reading Palm Equipment Horizon Shorts (2015) – First Look

Prijon Cali – First Look

I’ve been a huge fan of Prijon boats for years and have owned a fair few including a T Canyon, Avenger, Delirious, Delirium and Release. The newest whitewater boat to the Prijon line up is the Cali.


The Cali is Prijon’s latest creek boat and is an update to the Pure XL. The images of the new Cali come direct from Prijon USA. Continue reading Prijon Cali – First Look

Clean Rope

I had a bit of time today so had a go at modifying my two throw lines. I much prefer the “clean” rope principle where the end of the throw line that you keep hold of is a clean piece of rope i.e. has no knots or tubing.



The second modification I carried out was the removal of the tubing from the bag end of the line and the reduction in the size of the loop. The idea is that the loop is big enough to clip a karabiner into but is far too small to get a hand stuck. Continue reading Clean Rope