Active Paddle Blade – How to Kayak – Paddle Education

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An active paddle blade is a great way to help you stay upright. By having a blade in the water at all times you can quickly use it to brace or to turn, there is no need to have your paddle just sitting above the water, small pushes and braces will allow you to react to anything that you might encounter. So practice an active paddle blade in the water both on the flat water and whitewater. Continue reading

Dewerstone Life Shorts – First Look

These shorts are what kicked off the production of the new Unsponsored Ts by Dewerstone. I had stumbled upon a post about Dewerstone’s campaign to raise funds to get the shorts into production via Kickstarter. I had heard/seen a fair bit about Kickstarter but this was the first time that I was motivated to invest.

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Student Kayak Kit Buyers Guide

Although this guide is directed at students in reality it will apply to anyone thinking about taking up the sport. Over the next few weeks many students will be starting Uni and will be looking at joining a club. In most cases the Kayak/Canoe club in a university will be the best club to join.

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The Learning Curve

A superb but short edit showing early whitewater canoeing. Great to see. Enjoy.

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The sport’s safety ethic was omnipresent and weighed heavily. It was not considered heroic to take on river risks; it was simply unacceptable… “Do you seek the mountain high, or just another way to die?” – Jim Stuart

In the 1960s, boating was based around slalom racing. River running skills lagged behind as racers were too busy trying to shave precious seconds off their times. Steep, technical rivers like the Upper Yough were at the peak of their abilities, and for the better part of the decade, the rivers won most of the battles. Continue reading