Bitching It Up


For many years I’ve wanted to get to the Bitches, the famous tidal playwave spot in South-West Wales that hosted the inaugural world rodeo freestyle event, back in the day when the boats were metres long and pop-outs, paddle-twirls and fluorescent colours were all the rage. Being warned that my carbon Black Sheep wouldn’t surive being seal-launched, and with the tide being about 6.5m, the Rockstar probably wasn’t the boat to take either so I asked Aaron at Squarerock if I could borrow the Jackson FunRunner I took to the Grand Canyon, this long boat would make a perfect surf vessel.

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Carnage In The Rockies

A great edit of some serious mistakes/carnage from Aeon Russo!

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 23.09.53

When your trying to charge as much Class V in three weeks as you can, shit happens. Heres to the next booty beer! Continue reading

Whitewater Geology Episode 2: Lower Meadow

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Whitewater Geology Episode 2: Lower Meadow is great edit and the second in the series. Well worth following these guys on Vimeo.

Whitewater Geology is a web series showcasing whitewater and explaining the geology that causes it to exist.
Episode 2 shows the awesome whitewater of the Lower Meadow River in West Virginia and explains the geology of the river bed. Continue reading

Baffin Trail To Rapids Shoes – First Look

Over the past few months I have been testing a couple of pairs of shoes from the Canadian company Baffin. They both fall within the companies Trail To Rapids range and are designed for use on and off the water (with more of bias to waterborne activities).

Baffin are probably better known for their cold weather footwear which by all accounts is damn good stuff, but their Trail To Rapids range including the two pairs I have here at the Unsponsored HQ are worth having a look at.

First up is the Swamp Buggy:

This is relatively large set of shoes that offer great support. If you are familiar with the Five Ten range then they are certainly comparable in many ways to the Canyoneer shoe.

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