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Glory Vs Consequence

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Matze’s Drop, Hellesylt Slide + Entry, Lower Rauma @ 70+ CMS and Northern Norway.

What happens when 2 groups of chargers rally around norway together? You get one fired up crew of G.C. / Nutters sending the biggest drops you can find. Sometimes you win – & – Sometimes you loose. Continue reading Glory Vs Consequence

Gene17Kayaking Norway Road Trip

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Capturing the highlights of a Creeking Norway with Gene17Kayaking during a summer adventure. Travelling from Sjoa, through Rauma pass the Troll Wall to Valldal and back via Geiranger Fjord, this road trip takes in some of the best white water in Norway and tourist attractions of the west coast too. Continue reading Gene17Kayaking Norway Road Trip

Substantial RAW – Lower Ulvåa – Sven Lammler

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This is a very rarely run section of the Ulvåa that drops into the Lower Rauma in Central Norway. Huge slides and insane amounts of gradient keep people away…but this river actually turned out to be one of the most classic runs in all of Scandinavia…the upper section is more mellow, but still high high quality! Watch Svenny get hyphy on some gnar gnar! Continue reading Substantial RAW – Lower Ulvåa – Sven Lammler