Kayak Video Guide – Enns Obere Kummerbrücke (Upper 600) IV-V, Ennstal, Styria, Austria

Kayak Video Guide – Enns Obere Kummerbrücke (Upper 600) IV-V, Ennstal, Styria, Austria from Absolute Outdoors Strobl on Vimeo.

ATTENTION: The “Nadelöhr” rapid, which is shown on the thumbnail picture, might have changed in a bad way after the last 2 floods. The footage on the video is around 2-3 years old. As it seems, already 2 experienced paddlers got stuck in there and one even was sucked trough a undercut somewhere. REALLY scetchy – make sure you take the left line or take really good safety preparations. Continue reading

Pinkston Watersports Preview

A nice little video showing the new WW development up in Scotland from friend of Unsponsored Mark Mulrain.

Pinkston Watersports Preview from Mark Mulrain on Vimeo.

I was very lucky to get a try on Glasgow’s new whitewater course on the 22nd of January.

The design of the course is not final, plans are in place to move the blocks around to make the features as good as they can be.

What a great facility for Scottish kayaking!

Music: Foster the People – Helena Beat

Kayaking The Zambezi River – Mat Dumoulin

Kayaking the Zambezi river – Mat Dumoulin from Dumoulin mathieu on Vimeo.

Here is a video from our trip to the Zambezi river. The most amazing piece of white water I’ve been lucky to paddle. It’s the best white water playground on earth, with great freestyle, big lines and awesome rafting.

Check out the Zambezi Rapid Guide.

A Yorkshire Playground

The North of England has some of the best whitewater around. The River Swale in North Yorkshire is a firm favourite and has been at good levels for most of the week.

A Yorkshire Playground from Martyn Butler on Vimeo.

This video was put together by friend of Unsponsored, Martyn Butler. You can check out what Martyn gets up to here.

Voss’s Secret

Here is a edit of a not very well know run just 10 mins from Voss this is the little gem that was shown to me this year and I think is possibly the most fun close to Voss.

Voss’s Secret from nick pearce on Vimeo.

From the first time I ran this section I have wanted to film it’s just so cool.

Hope you like it.

River Tees – Teesside WW Course (Pre Changes)

Found this is the archives and thought it may be of interest to some.

Inlet gate – Easy Rider


A smooth surfaced green wave that can be very easy or very hard to catch depending on the rate of flow down the course. Given the correct kayak and skill you can surf all day forward/backwards, flat spin and on a good day side surf. If you do miss getting on to Easy Rider you could always pretend you were aiming for one of the smaller waves on the following wave train. It must be noted that if you know you won’t be able to catch the wave that a wave wheel is possible, but it is shallow! Continue reading

The North Tyne

The North Tyne has to be one of the classic ww runs in the North East of England. The water is clean, access is pretty good and you can get down in all but the very lowest of levels. The get in is at the small village of Chollerford just a few miles North of Hexam itself. Parking can be found in a large lay by on the west side of the bridge (just over the roundabout). It’s then a short walk back over to the east side of the bridge and path down to the river.

Continue reading