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Always Beautiful On The Sunshine Coast (Quick Flick #5)

A great edit from the guys at Mountain Mind Collective.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 19.48.10

Despite the forecast for non-stop rain, it turned out to be a beautiful weekend surfing Skookumchuck, an epic tidal wave on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Watch paddlers Brendan Wells, Teague Manley, Olin Wimberg, Leif Anderson, Emily Lussin and Dru Lyall throwing down on this beautiful wave! Continue reading

Bitching It Up


For many years I’ve wanted to get to the Bitches, the famous tidal playwave spot in South-West Wales that hosted the inaugural world rodeo freestyle event, back in the day when the boats were metres long and pop-outs, paddle-twirls and fluorescent colours were all the rage. Being warned that my carbon Black Sheep wouldn’t surive being seal-launched, and with the tide being about 6.5m, the Rockstar probably wasn’t the boat to take either so I asked Aaron at Squarerock if I could borrow the Jackson FunRunner I took to the Grand Canyon, this long boat would make a perfect surf vessel.

1919675_10152617728887427_4258374949893386698_n Continue reading

Kenya The Land of Adventure

Situated on the East side of Africa, Kenya was rumored to be a whitewater kayaking meca. After a short trip there last November I was very keen to go back and explore more rivers. Chris, Sim and myself had three days of exploring with one highlight being a first decent of a perfect 20 meter waterfall on the Nyamindi river.

waterfall kenya

Nyamindi (First Decent)

Basing out of Savage Wilderness our days were full of exploring sections that had been run and sections that where fresh for the ticking. The rain was pouring every night and the rivers were perfect. Continue reading

Out And About – For Some UK Stout

Another great edit from friend of Unsponsored Mo Ritz.

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After last years misfortune of travelling to the UK and finding almost nothing but frozen rivers, cold, and snow we decided to take the gamble once again. Packed the van, loaded the boats and hit the road. Continue reading

Escape To Corsica 2014

I’ve seen many photographs and videos of Corsica since I started kayaking 4 years ago but never imagined that I’d actually get to go and experience the crystal waters and steep creeks of this stunning island. It is difficult to get any detailed information on the kayaking out there aside from a few videos and German guidebooks from the 80s full of air bracing pioneers in fibreglass boats!


Getting to the island involved a drive to Dover, the channel ferry, a 13 hour drive to Toulon and an overnight ferry across the Mediterranean. Despite over 24 hours of travelling, once you’re on the island, the rivers are all very close by and range from relaxing grades 2/3 to some scary 5/6 with siphons the size of cars and portages as long as some British rivers!


We spent the first day finding our feet on the grade 2/3+ Lower Vecchio and Tavignano Gorge, working out team dynamics and acclimatising to the Corsican style. Later in the week we paddled another section of the Tavignano which had some awesome surf spots and flair opportunities, a great river for beginner and intermediate paddlers to practice skills on! Continue reading

Kayak Video Guide – Enns Obere Kummerbrücke (Upper 600) IV-V, Ennstal, Styria, Austria

Kayak Video Guide – Enns Obere Kummerbrücke (Upper 600) IV-V, Ennstal, Styria, Austria from Absolute Outdoors Strobl on Vimeo.

ATTENTION: The “Nadelöhr” rapid, which is shown on the thumbnail picture, might have changed in a bad way after the last 2 floods. The footage on the video is around 2-3 years old. As it seems, already 2 experienced paddlers got stuck in there and one even was sucked trough a undercut somewhere. REALLY scetchy – make sure you take the left line or take really good safety preparations. Continue reading