To pull this moves you’ll need a good fast wave and a boat that carves well. Nice sharp rails and even fins can help.

Get youself esatblished as close to the top of the wave as possible. As you feel the boat surge down the face of the wave at maximum speed, use a stern rudder to start turning the boat and start a flat-spin. Once your boat is almost sideways use an aggressive ‘hip flick’ to over edge the boat in the turn (edge the boat down stream). This aggressive flick should then force the boat out of the water and into the air.

If you now let the boat do its thing you’ll either simply capsize or lose the wave. By putting in a forward sweep with the same hand that you initiated the move with, your bow will be pushed up and your stern will hit the water first. The more air you have and the later you leave your sweep, the more the stern will rotate around and the more radical the move will be.

As the stern of your boat hits the water, you should help the bow to come down by thrusting your legs forward and your body onto the back deck. Add in some forward strokes, as soon as possible, to help regain your forward speed and bring your body upright. This isn’t an extremely hard move to pull but does need full commitment to pull off.