After over 20 years (only a year or so more than this site), Boatertalk will cease to exist in 2018. Unfortunately the emergence of Facebook and the like has meant that many forums have disappeared, including our own. BT was a great inspiration in the early days of Unsponsored and I wish Eric all the best with his next venture.

I have met a lot of amazing people and I have made more than a handful of great friends. It was nice to be able to support the community in a way that kept them connected and engaged. BoaterTalk will always be something I am proud of. In these days of multiple social media choices, BoaterTalk is not what it was. There are bigger and better places out there to connect, ones whose scale and resources I simply cannot compete with. Because of that, it’s time for me to move on to what is next. I will be shutting down BoaterTalk in the new year. It’s been an honor. Thank you.

-Eric Princen

Unsponsored won’t be disappearing anytime soon. We’ve set up a new group on Facebook – Unsponsored Paddlers Network. Please feel free to drop by and join.