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How To Get Vertical In Your Kayak

Top tips from Unsponsored’s friend Bren Orton on how to get vertical in your kayak. Check it out.

How To Get Vertical In Your Kayak

Made this video mainly as a reminder for everyone to have fun out there, not to take freestyle too seriously and most importantly, if you haven’t already, to give the “pop out” a try.

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  1. Jonathan Schlefer

    April 5, 2018 at 3:23 am

    Hey Bren, You asked for any history on what you call a pop out, and I thought I’d reply since I’m a bit of history myself here. I can’t tell you who invented it or when it was first done, but it was way over two decades ago. Probably not long after fiber-glass kayaks were first built since, as you say, the move is really easy. I remember doing what I’ve always called either pop-ups or enders in around 1976. (I know since I first did them in California and moved to Massachusetts in 1977.) Thanks for the video!

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