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Kokatat River Tow Tether

Kokatat have developed a new towing system for use with their PFDS called the River Tow Tether.

Kokatat River Tow Tether
Kokatat River Tow Tether

The Kokatat River Tow Tether is a five foot webbing cow tail/tow tether with adjustable length so that it fits snug against your rescue life vest to minimize snag hazard. This video will demonstrate how to install, adjust and pack the River Tow Tether .


  1. Chuck Johnson

    I just finished an ACA L5 Swift Water Rescue course. One of the key axioms of SWR is that you will have NO non-locking carabiners on your person at any time, nor would you have one in your pin kit – period. This design is very surprising from a company like Kokatat. The tether may be a good design, but please replace the biner with a locking one. Thank you. Chuck Johnson

    • shannon

      Chuck Johnson – I was taught the same thing in SWR class.

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