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Mac Cat Deluxe Tarp Review

Some of you may not know that as well as kayaking I am heavily into hammocking. So much so that I have been making tarps, hammocks, underquilts and top quilts for around four years!

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Around three years (+) ago I ordered a Mac Cat Deluxe tarp from Brian MacMillin at Outdoor Equipment Supplier in the US. This is a one man company that produces some excellent sil nylon tarps.

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– The original super-taut catenary-cut hexagonal tarps for hammocks and tarp camping
– Made out of super light, waterproof tested 1.4 oz Silnylon
– Hexagonal shaped to provide efficient coverage of any commercial or home-made hammock
– Catenary-cut sides eliminate tarp sagging and wind flapping
– Provides cooking, changing, and gear storage space in even wind driven rain
– Triple stitched webbing reinforced perimeter with ABS plastic D-rings and nylon pull tabs at all tieouts – 9 years and never a reported failure
– All tarps come with a matching silnylon stuff sack
– Current colors include Stealth-Gray and Forest Brown

The MacCat deluxe has been faultless over the years and has proved to be a great investment. I have added dyneema cord for the guylines (shocking pink) and have used the setup in some pretty wild conditions over the years.

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All the outer seams are bound and the main ridge line seam was seam-sealed before it was sent to me. I have never had to re-apply any treatment over the years that I have owned the tarp. Having made my own kit for a number of years I get really picky about the quality of stitching. I measure my stitching against that of Outdoor Equipment Supplier. If I can get my stitching as good as theres I know that I have done a great job.

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In the images above (taken in France) I am using an ENO bug net and Ticket To The Moon Double Hammock (same as the ENO Deluxe but way cheaper).


  1. Kevin Todd

    Great review. That is a seriously nice looking hammock rain fly. Gonna have to check one out because hammock camping is the only way to go.

  2. Alan

    Do you have a link for the hammock?

    • Unsponsored

      I believe they manufacture quite a few of the other parachute hammock brands out there.

  3. Kevin Todd

    Not trying to self-promote, but Alan, here is a review for one of the ENO hammocks that we just did.

    We are also fond of the Kammock, found at

  4. Camille35

    I use a Ticket To The Moon hammock tarp, very practical in rainy places! You can use this tarp with any hammock not only with TTTM.
    If you want to check their website:

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