A run down the Middle Fuy with the boys and girls from the World Class Academy.

Middle Fuy With World Class

After three weeks in Chile, World Class students were FIRED UP to run the famous Middle Fuy. Eleven students in total safely descended this fifty foot waterfall and the run below. I hope you enjoy this recap of WCA’s time on el Rio Fuy, Chile 2016. Yew!

Middle Fuy with World Class from Darby on Vimeo.


Brian Burger
Frazer Tear
Evan Smith
Isidro Santiago
Andrew Oxley
Darby McAdams
Antonio Reinoso
Ethan Paddison
Jackson Singleton
Liam Field
Matias Meneses
Corey Sheehan
Leeland Gentry
David Silk
Killa Cam (my appologies for the typo in the credits) #gettheladies