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Movie Monday 12 March 2018

Welcome to Movie Monday 12 March 2018 here at Unsponsored.

Movie Monday 12 March 2018


Raven Fork from Ryan Osborne on Vimeo.

Carry On up the K-Burn from Jamie Mackay on Vimeo.

Thuli Bheri River-TOP-The Movie from Noel Parker on Vimeo.

Balkan Rivers Tour 1/I.: Croatia and Bosnia from Leeway Collective on Vimeo.

Part1_V4 from Darby McAdams on Vimeo.

gettin stoked for spring 18 from Quirin Haslberger (Quitschie) on Vimeo.

Tsarap Chu/ Indus Indian Himalaya 2006 from Rob Coffey on Vimeo.

Low Water Flipper from For the Love of It on Vimeo.

Ecuador 2018 from Chris Baer on Vimeo.

Kayaking The Continent from Erin Bastian on Vimeo.

Ecuador 2017 from nick pearce on Vimeo.

Napeequa from cKorbulic on Vimeo.

If these great edits from Movie Monday 12 March 2018 did not satisfy your need for whitewater check out the Movie Monday archive right here.

What gear do you use? Have you got an edit you want to share with the rest of the world? Have you seen one that we have missed? Contact us via the comment section below.

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  1. Great edit from last summer made by a good friend of mine. STAUCC couldn’t get to the Alps so they did a victory lap of Scotland instead!

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