Welcome to Movie Monday 4 December 2017 here at Unsponsored.

Movie Monday 4 December 2017

We’ve got a good stack of video edits for you to get your teeth into. This includes a number that were submitted for inclusion in this weeks post.


Seven Sisters from Kirk Eddlemon on Vimeo.

Green Race Styles from Thomas Franco on Vimeo.

A Little Carolina Kayaking from Wesley Shelmire on Vimeo.

Kayak the Amazon: An Expedition from Source to Sea from Don and Darcy on Vimeo.

Green Race Lap from Adam Edwards on Vimeo.

A Very Wet Welsh Winter from Barny Prees on Vimeo.

Russia 2017 from Erin Savage on Vimeo.

Norway '15 from PS Productions on Vimeo.

If these great edits from Movie Monday 4 December 2017 did not satisfy your need for whitewater check out the Movie Monday archive right here.

What gear do you use? Have you got an edit you want to share with the rest of the world? Have you seen one that we have missed? Contact us via the comment section below.