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Movie Monday 6 March 2017

Movie Monday 6 March 2017 is brought to you by the letters H, O and the number 2.

Movie Monday 6 March 2017

East Lyn Number one

East Lyn Number one from Simon Morse on Vimeo.

Doris = Mawddach

Doris = Mawddach from Aaron Kendall on Vimeo.

Antix Miracle

Antix Miracle from Tommy Piros on Vimeo.

Gettin’ Jiggy on the Wnion

Gettin' Jiggy on the Wnion from Aaron Kendall on Vimeo.


Stikine from Scott Lindgren on Vimeo.

Orosi River, Costa Rica

Orosi River, Costa Rica from Sarah Vansandt on Vimeo.

Chile 2017 Beater Reel

Chile 2017 Beater Reel from Joe Vincent on Vimeo.

Something we don’t talk about

Something we don't talk about from Chris Baer on Vimeo.

oo-fh dah 2016

oo-fh dah 2016 from Linjo on Vimeo.

Teaser 7º Encontro de Canoagem do Rio Cubatão do Sul

Teaser 7º Encontro de Canoagem do Rio Cubatão do Sul from KayakBrasil on Vimeo.

Portugal sem água

Portugal sem água from Jordan McGrath on Vimeo.

Darragh & Dean’s Irish roadtrip (part1)

The vast majority of the edits within Movie Monday 6 March 2017 have been filmed using the GoPro range of cameras.

What gear do you use? Have you got an edit you want to share with the rest of the world? Contact us via the comment section below.

If you have lots of free time why not check out the hundreds of other edits hidden within our Movie Monday archive.

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  1. Not mine but some nice short oc1 clips and a 360 vid on this playlist:

    Plus some top UK oc1ing from the last few weeks on these 2:

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