Welcome to Movie Monday 6 November 2017. We have a great selection of edits to get you through the start of the working week.

Movie Monday 6 November 2017


Lake Michigan – Hannah Ray J from Hannah Ray J on Vimeo.

2 minutes on the Jondachi from Zach Shelly on Vimeo.

Llugwy, Lledr mash up from Rob Hirst on Vimeo.

tassie bangaz from The Backyard Journals on Vimeo.

the only way, TOXAWAY from marcelo galizio on Vimeo.

Galen Volckhausen 2016 Highlight Reel from Fear and Boating on Vimeo.

BUKE 2017, Kayak the Philippines, Episode 1 Welcome to the Jungle from Peter Williams on Vimeo.

big falls = big fails from matt smith on Vimeo.

Laos – 4000 Islands of Mekong River from Kokatat on Vimeo.

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