The past few days have been fairly warm here which would probably explain why the Upper Brandseth came in yesterday morning. We started the day by paddling that. Its definitely one of my favourite runs, with lots of steep fast slides. We were off by lunch time and spent the afternoon chilling in Voss with Rainey next to the lake and then at the pub.


Sandra’s train arrived around half 6 so we picked her up from the station and then headed to the Stranda where we all ran Moneydrop. Barneys deck popped but he managed to paddle to the side. We carried on down the rest of the run with sunny skies which made for a cool way to end the day.



Today we got up and after a compulsory morning pitstop at Statoil we went up to the top of the Rundal valley to find the waterfall know as Nosebreaker. It was at fairly high flows but good to go so one by one we each ran it. The lead in was fairly boily making it difficult to get a good line off the lip. Annoyingly my deck popped at the bottom resulting in a fair bit of downtime and a bit of a rescue effort to get my boat out of the pool at the bottom.



Stoked from that we headed down the valley to the rafting section of the Rundal where there were some sweet lines. It’s been raining a fair bit today now so hopefully we’ll get on something new in the next few days. For now the 1st of the VEKO parties starts tonight so we’ll be making a good start on the rum.

Martyn x

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