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Dagger G Force – Review

Dagger’s new “shorty” boat, the G-force, is radically short yet it still offers comfort for a wide variety of sized paddlers due to its foot and knee contours. The G-Force allows boaters to explore “aerial” hole and wave moves that “shorty” boats excel at.

Dagger G Force - Review

The G-Force features a super loose hull that is similar to Dagger’s Ego series – it spins with ease and is extremely stable when vertical. As with many of the short boats on the market the G Force had a bouncy feel, but again once familiar with it the boat proved to be quite fun. the question is how small can these boats go? Are we going to see a sub 1.5m boat soon? Who knows….

Dagger G Force - Review

The G-Force can be quickly fitted with Dagger’s revamped Clutch™ outfitting. The Clutch™ Outfitting includes: Hip pads and shims, seat wedge, thigh booster, and pre-cut foot blocks. For different size paddlers, Dagger’s Clutch™ Outfitting allows for a custom fit in the boat. Although the boat I tried was not fitted out with this sytem I have seen it in use by other paddlers. It seems quite effective and reports from paddlers asked confirms this.

Dagger G Force - Review

I guess if you are after a “park n’ play” boat that will allow you to develop your skills then the G force may well be an option. Its short, realtively fast so should prove popular. If anything if you see one of these strange small boats, ask if you can give it a try. Personally I find it too small, but hey we are all different.

The G Force has been revived and can now be purchased with new outfitting and camo paint work!

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  1. G.

    Yeah… opinion is that it is the best boat ever manufactured .
    I miss the the day…. the first day on the water,hell I’m also great ful for this day today…. see y’all on the water

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