At 6ft 2in I can’t fit into the pocket rocket! So this review comes from thoughts gleened from AG. The Pocket Rocket has that now very familiar Liquid Logic look and is the smallest of the new range that incudes the Air Head and Space Cadet.

The outfitting will also be familiar to those with older LL boats. The seat etc remains the same but additional sticky back padding has been provided in the form of a butt pad, hip pads and knee pads. These seem very hardwearing and once stuck don’t want to shift.

The backrest is as you would expect a ratchet one and in this case is the IR flex capacitor. This works well and seems like even after heavy use doesn’t slip. the boat comes fitted with two alloy grab handles (broach loops) made by the climbing firm – Black Diamond. These are secured to the boat with T style bolts which means the handles can’t be removed without a special tool, so can be used for securing the boat to the car.

How does the boat feel? Pretty similar to its larger brothers and sisters. Tthe seating position is good and easily adjusted using a couple of screws. As with the others in the range a lot of the volume is around the cockpit which allows end to thrown quite easily whilst maintaining stability when the boat is on end.

The hull is extremely loose due to its heavily rockered ends and LL trade mark planing hull design – so pulling multiple flat spins is not a problem even on the smallest of features.

Loops are also fairly easy with the boat having enough “pop” to throw you skyward. Flatwater loops are also possible if you have the technique.

On a wave the PR seems to carves better than its brothers ans sisters. This may be due to a slight decrease in the amount of rocker.

The boat has also been used successfully on grade III – IV water with no problems at all. Although this may not be a good choices as a river runner for the beginner!