The Techno comes with Riot’s new outfitting. Which is comfortable, and highly adjustable. The adjustability of the backrest and thigh braces comes form a ratchet system that seems highly effective and is becoming a standard feature of most new boats. I was sceptical at first but the thigh braces worked really well for me, I always like Riot’s earlier minimalist design, and this felt similar, but far more secure and highly adjustable. The boat still remained easy to get out of which is always a plus!

The boats trim did need adjustment, which was very straightforward. Simply release four bolts, slide seat into position and tighten up, no special tools needed. One area that does need looking at is the drain bung. For most of the time the drain bung will sit under the waters surface. This has obvious implications. The demo boat I tried did leak in this area. The culprit was the seal between the rivited bung housing and the boat itself. A quick go with some silicon sealer would easily take care of this concern.

Riots hydro glide hull design meant that the hull was very loose and spun very well regardless of wave size. Getting ends was also easy and the boat felt stable whilst on end with a similar feel to the Disco.

Speed hasn’t been sacrificed at all and the boat with the right paddler in can get a fair rate of knots. I have always liked Riot boats and have owned a Disco and still own one of the original glides. The Techno has got to be a classic in both looks and performance. My only regret was that I didn’t get a chance to try the boat out in some surf with the fins on. May be next time.