If you want the Daddy of coolers (cool box if in the UK) then Orion seemed to have all bases covered.

They are certainly well made and are bear proof!

Orion Coolbox

The green Orion 25 will set you back around $369 (US).

Standard Features:

Standing Pad
6 Tie Down Points
4 Aluminum Bottle Opener Corners
Lockable/Certified Bear Resistant
Low Profile Camming Latches
Motorcycle Grip Carry Handles
Camo Colors
Rugged Rotomolded Shell

Best-in-class 2”+ of Insulation

Made in the USA
Smart, Real-World Sizing

Drain Plug
YakAttack Tracks / RAM Integration

Highly Functional Tray System

Removable Princeton-Tec AMP1 Light
Sectional Divider/Cutting Board (optional)

Simply put, Orion Coolers offer you more than any other cooler with their standard features, by far. We integrate all these Made in USA features to ensure that, out of the box, you get all you need.

There are several Coolers in the range including – Orion 25, Orion 45, Orion 65 and Orion 85. All are available in a range of colours and are made by the boys and girls at Jackson Kayak.