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Peak UK Events

Many years ago Peak UK ran a series of events across the UK. All were based at whitewater courses across the UK.

It was so long ago many of the photographs were on film and are black & white! For many paddlers this was their first taste of competition. Quite a few have continued on to be part of Team GB.

The format was pretty simple and very popular – a weekends worth of paddling (freestyle, slalom and down river race) and a party. Nothing too serious, it was all about having fun.

Numbers were always high and they are definitely missed by those of us who took part. We’ve been talking about about doing something similar here at Unsponsored HQ.

Peak UK have posted the following video showing some of the action (NSFW).

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  1. Andapo

    Wow… now we know what these events are all about white water fun with slalom, downriver and freestyle actions… live music and much more… nice video … nice Peak UK had organised such events, will be very memorable for the participants, Unsponsored should go ahead and plan to have such races out there!!

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