The PeakUK guys have released a couple of new dry suits. They have retained the zipped leg system within the range but have also introduced a pair of Dry Suits with a rear shoulder entry zip. This one being the Deluxe One Piece Drysuit.

PeakUK Deluxe One Piece Drysuit - First Look

The ones shown here are pretty much final pre-production prototypes. The One Piece Drysuit looks very impressive in this blue and yellow colour scheme which can also be seen in various pieces throughout the PeakUK whitewater and touring lineup.

PeakUK Deluxe One Piece Drysuit - First Look

You get a really tough medium to heavy weight X4 breathable shell with key wear points re-enforced wear required – elbows, shoulders, knees, bum and ankles.

Latex gaskets on the neck and wrists with “Aqua Out” neoprene over gaskets. The waist is twin seal with neoprene adjustment. The socks are non latex and are printed with useful user suggestions.

PeakUK Deluxe One Piece Drysuit - First Look

The rear zip is a fine tooth T-Zip and has been built into the suit in such away that it it curves with the wearer shoulders. Far more elegant than some other designs that I have seen recently. Interestingly the pee zip (again Ti-Zip) runs vertically.

Unsponsored-PeakUK-One-Piece-Drysuit- 048

Unsponsored-PeakUK-One-Piece-Drysuit- 047

The suit has a waste belt included rather than a bungee cord as seen on PeakUK’s leg entry models. A great but simple idea that prevents you for having to tie the arms of the suit around your waist when not wearing it fully.

A very impressive looking dry suit and one that I am really looking forward to trying out during the course of the next season.