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Pyranha 12R – April Fool?

Clearly the April Fool post from Pyranha this year has gained some traction. They announced the production of a 12R long boat seven months ago as a bit of a joke but it seems that they are actually going to put it into production if they get enough preorders.

Pyranha 12R

This time though, we’re serious; with your help, we can make the Pyranha 12R a reality!
The hugely successful 9R has taught us a lot about going fast, so why not take all that knowledge and make an uncompromised, super-fast, super-fun 12ft longboat? Yeah, we thought it was a good idea too!
The 12R is only limited by your imagination; multi-days, attainments, races, vertical miles, challenging and developing your skills, crazy big enders, big booming fun, or simply mixing it up with your crew; if the 12R doesn’t put a smile on your face, you might consider seeking medical attention.

By this point, you’re probably waiting for us to cut to the chase and tell you how you can help make it happen; well, if we get enough pre-orders for this beauty, the 12R will see the light of day in Summer 2018. If we don’t, the 12R will remain the mythical unicorn of long boats, so read on and order today!


Fast, asymmetric, Swede-form hull with narrow width and progressive rocker

The innovative wave defectors debuted on the 9R will continue over to the 12R to deflect most waves away from the kayak and generate dynamic lift for a dry bow

9R style bow rocker to lift over obstacles, punch through holes, and resurface quickly to maintain downstream speed

Rounded edges for forgiveness and to help keep you on line and quickly transfer from edge to edge

Powerful cockpit ergonomics similar to the 9R, so more of your energy is transferred into momentum

Stout 2 outfitting

One size fits most

Available in Neon, Daredevil, or Rasta

TECH SPECS (pre-production, subject to change)

Length: 11’ 11”
Width: 24”
Volume: 97 gal (US)
Weight: 55lbs
Paddler Weight: 140-275lbs


  1. Some old blokes might finally retire their Dancer XTs.

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