Reader: Nicky Ball
Location: Classified

Picture from the Scottish Canoe Association


After a few years of paddling Pyranha Everests, which I still to this day regard as the best all round boat as it’s the Burn just with added Oooosh, I made the switch to Liquid logic as I find them more fun and quirky than alot of other brands, in other words they have soul. I now paddle a Jefe Grande for steeper stuff as it boofs huge and a Remix 79 which I love because it’s so fast and is really at home on bigger volume, it’s great for being an idiot too when all you want to do is rock splat, rock spin and boof your way down stream. I also have recently been given an old Inazone 242 which I plan on doing some surfing in and I also share a topo/spud with my misses which I paddle if I’m in a silly mood.

Picture by Anthony Stewart


I currently have a Select W1 200cm 30° crank which I find great as it’s got very hardwearing blades and is powerful whilst being very smooth. I awaiting delivery of some more Selects but this time I’m getting their blast blade which is biased towards river running/creeking again in 200cm but with a custom crank shaft that’s narrower than normal so I can get plenty of leverage. Both are fibreglass which I think is all you want in the UK as Carbon last me 5 minutes before they are tea spoon size.

Dry Gear:

I have a Peak Creek Suit which is very different to most suits as the zip is under the legs but I like how it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a drysuit as it doesn’t have the zip across the shoulders which I think gives great freedom of movement.


I have Sweet Trooper as I picked it up cheap and nothing else compares in fit and safety my trusty old Wanderer is now my summer helmet as it’s well ventilated.


I’ve just replaced my Stohlquist Descent which is one of the best fitting BA’s I’ve had unfortunately it’s the biggest size and I’m no longer 105kg’s so needed something smaller. I couldn’t get another Stohlquist so cheap again as I picked that one up at a trade stand at Sickline so I went for the Palm Amp. The fit is still great, it has plenty of bouyancy and it’s simple.


I’m using a Palm Kevlar Rand an old deck but it’s damn dry and hasn’t failed me yet.


Palm Gradients because they’re grippy and are really easy to fit in boats if you have big feet like me.