Riversurfing 101! What can you say? Corran Addison pushes the boundary once again with this latest release!

Here’s the hype –

“Whitewater kayaking’s multiple World Freestyle Championship medalist, Olympian, and experienced river surfer Corran Addison uses his 30 years of river experience to teach you everything you need to know about getting into River Surfing.

Instruction is given through the induction of a begginer surfer, and you follow her progress from rank beginner to being able to catch waves and surf on some of the worldsmost powerful and impressive river waves.

Whether you’re new to river sports, and need to know everything from scratch, are an experienced kayaker looking to get into board surfing, or a surfer looking to take it to the river, this 2 DVD set covers all you’ll need to know from reading rapids to the differances of wave dynamics compared to the ocean, and of course, basic surfing techniques.

The main instructional part of the DVD is 1hr 45 mins long !!! In addition, the special features includes a 30 min Action Only surfing film (so its like a totally seperate movie), music video’s, producers comments and more… ”

So this is a surfing moving I hear you cry. Well, yes it is. But it is a little more than just that. Many of the elements talked about, types of river waves, crossing the current, catching waves, edging etc are all applicable to the arena of kayaking. May be some kayakers would benefit from watching the DVD.

The first disc of the DVD set centres around teaching a couple of new surfers the ins/outs of surfing river features and the added dangers a river has to offer. Plenty of demonstrations and verbal discriptions show you exactly what’s going on and its pretty easy to pick up the info that is given.

The editing on this DVD has to be the best Corran has put out so far and is definitely one of the slickest DVD’s currently on the market. I suppose the sound track has a traditional surfing feel with the tunes being very much on a kind of Hawain feel.

The second DVD contains info on more advanced techniques including fin set up, and tow-ins. In addition to this the 2nd DVD contains a few Music videos and a river surfing movie.

I think it is true to say that this DVD comes from a kayaker that also loves to surf, has incoporated kayak design into his surf boards and surf board design into his kayaks. So prehaps this shows the next logical progression of surfing. Will there be surfers queuing up at Hurley or HPP, well who knows.