It turns out I’ve been doing this in completely the wrong way for the last 30+ years.

How To | Roll an NRS Strap

We've been rolling straps since 1974 but we still end up rolling in the wrong direction or not threading enough of the tail through at the beginning. We won't judge if you need a refresher. NRS has always been a hub for boating information, from river beta and gear hacks to maintenance and repairs. We love #ThirstyThursdays but before heading to happy hour, learn something new (or refresh your knowledge) with NRS’s #TipsyThursdays. Have a gear question or instructional need? We’ve got a handful of videos queued up but there’s always space for more. Leave us a comment with your how-to video suggestions.

Posted by NRS on Thursday, 4 October 2018

Have you been getting it wrong as well?

How do you go about Rolling Your Straps? Let us know in the comments section below.