The Dos Amigos is the latest design from Corran Addison through his new company Soul Waterman.

Soul - Dos Amigos

The Dos Amigos is a Duo whitewater kayak and joins the Eskimo Topo Duo and Jackson Kayak Dynamic Duo in a very special place in the kayak market. We are certainly looking forward to seeing this one in the flesh.

From Soul:

The assumption is always made that two paddlers going out together in a tandem kayak are the same size. However, experience has showed us otherwise. Invariably they are not. Parent and child, husband and wife… even friends invariably are not the same size – or at least not the majority of the time. As such, we have designed the Dos Amigos with ergonomics and handling in mind that are at their best when the paddlers are of different sizes.

The front cockpit is smaller, lower and better suited for a smaller paddler. The nose of the boat is also narrower making paddling easier, and the overall location of the two cockpits are centered with the rocker and outline to favor superior handling with a heavier rear paddler.

While the Dos Amigos will certainly run some hard whitewater, this is not its focus. Rather, it’s about fun paddling where the team is not only of different sizes but also different skill levels. The Dos Amigos will surf waves and holes… it’ll flat spin until you’re giggling yourselves silly. Running small drops, punching holes, and surfing waves is what this amazing boat is all about.

Dimensions: 12′ x 27″ x 13″ – 481ltr/127gal

Boat Weight: 60lbs (Pre production estimate)

Paddler Weight (Rear) 140lbs-220lbs – Paddler Weight (Front) 60lbs-140lbs