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Spade Kayaks – Royal Flush More Detail

Spade Kayaks have recently released more images and specifications of the new Royal Flush. Check them out.

Spade Kayaks - Royal Flush More Detail

The kayak is 274cm long, that is 2cm shorter than originally reported. That puts it at the 9ft limit at 8.99ft. It will be available in 6 weeks.

Detail taken from German text and pushed through Google translator.

Specification and detail:

The Royal Flush is an ultra-dynamic whitewater kayak for paddlers over 75kg, looking for a partner who runs in deep white water to the top, but also takes a day of low water in Ticino with sporty serenity.

High-volume boats quickly become heavy because the volume increases the area of ​​the outer shell and thus the weight of the boat. That’s why we limited the target volume of the Royal Flush to 335ltr. To still carry a heavy paddler with little draft and run dry, the Royal Flush floats on a long flat bottom. The ends were made wide and not too bulky. Thus, despite its length of 274 cm, the boat can be swiveled over the tail quickly and effectively with a circular stroke and can easily accelerate to very high speeds.

It rewards an active, sporty, stressed driving style and conveys dynamic driving fun even on WW 3. Of course, those who prefer reactive or Corsican whitewater are better off with the “Ace of Spades”. But those who like to pull on the floor in deep water “up” and know how to operate a long tail “down” get with the Royal Flush. the “Hattori Hanso sword” under heavy-duty long weapons.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the fully integrated seat ensures optimum seat height and comfortable sitting over many hours, even for very large paddlers. The stiffening in the foredeck stabilizes the cockpit in critical pinch situations and after high drops and serves as an emergency exit step accessible by foot.

Length: 274 cm
Width: 68 cm
Volume: 335 ltr.
Weight: approximately 22 kg
Medium high Rocker, Flat Bottom: Speed and Agility

Spade Kayaks - Royal Flush More Detail

Spade Kayaks - Royal Flush More Detail

Spade Kayaks - Royal Flush More Detail

Spade Kayaks - Royal Flush More Detail

Spade Kayaks - Royal Flush More Detail

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