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Pressies For Paddlers 2016

A great deal of outdoor equipment passes through the halls of Unsponsored HQ. Some great, some good and some not so good. As we get closer to the 25th it has now become a little bit of tradition (and to save me answering loads of “What should I get ….. for Christmas, they have just got into kayaking/canoeing/SUP?” type questions via email) to put together a list of gear that paddlers and general outdoors type folk might appreciate as presents at Christmas time.

Present Ideas For Paddlers 2015

So here it is.

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Liquid Logic – Jefe Grande Is Back

Liquid Logic have announced today that the Jefe Grande is back. The Jefe was a big hit with paddlers at Unsponsored HQ so it’s great to see it back.

Jefe Grande Is Back

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Scottish Islands Peak Race 2016

We have another team of Unsponsorables taking part in the Scottish Islands Peak race.

Scottish Islands Peak Race 2016

This year the team will be carrying Yellow Brick gps tracker so you can check online how well or otherwise they are doing, the course they are sailing, and where the hell they are!

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Sweet Protection – Product Updates

We are big fans of Sweet Protection gear at Unsponsored HQ. We have bought a few bits over the last few years!


For 2016 Sweet have updated a number of products with new colours. However the dry gear has had more significant changes.

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National Student Rodeo – Topo Heats 2016

The Topo heats this Saturday at the National Student Rodeo 2016 were pretty good. Going deep, getting air and lots of attempted Supermans. A great show.

National Student Rodeo - Topo Heats 2016

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National Student Rodeo – Old School Comp 2016

The biggest spectacle each year at the National Student Rodeo is the Old School competition for those who are no longer students! This year was no exception.

National Student Rodeo - Old School Comp

A great show this year with lots of enders, pop-outs and paddle spins.

National Student Rodeo - Old School Comp

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Queen Of The Green – Dagger Nomad 8.2

With the help of Simon Morse we have some great shots of the new Dagger Nomad 8.2 in action here in the UK. So far we have only seen the large and medium versions of the Dagger #Newmad.

Queen of the Green - Dagger Nomad 8.2

These images were taken by Andrew Bonney and show Dagger paddler and Queen Of The Green Adriene Levknecht on the East Lyn in Devon, UK.


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PeakUK River Guide PFD – First Look

PeakUK have continued to develop their ever popular PFD range. The River Guide PFD is just one of many that has had a re-design over the last few years. In addition to the Red/Grey colour scheme PeakUK have introduced Blue/Lime to match the new deluxe drysuit.

PeakUK River Guide PFD - First Look

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Palm Equipment Lightning Throwbag – First Look

When we first shared the video showing the new Palm Equipment Lightning throwbag in one of the first comments back was that Palm have made the HF Weasel.

Unsponsored-Palm-Lightning 088

Now as a long term HF Weasel user I can see there are clearly comparisons to made.

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Dagger Nomad Walkthrough

Dagger designer Snowy Robertson gives us a breakdown of the features on the new 2016 Dagger Nomad.

Dagger Nomad Walkthrough

I suspect that given the interest on the new Nomad over the last few days that it is going to be a big hit.

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